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9 November 2020 – Capt. Homerski is commended for his dedication to the development of instructors and students as a RCAC School Course Officer Capt Homerski demonstrated exceptional leadership and initiative in the fields of instructor knowledge and student learning, CTC Gagetown.
30 October 2020 – Ms. Andrea Bone presents Lieutenant-Colonel Kerckhoff and RSM Larouche with 100 $5 Tim Hortons Gift Cards for the Battle Group, Worthington Barracks, Garrison Petawawa.
Members of the Regimental Headquarters Recce Troop, callsign 60, about to depart for Baltic Warrior 20-02, consisting of a 17 km rucksack march, a 2 km canoe portage, 11 km of canoeing and finally a 4 km rucksack march.
28 October 2020 – RCD officers of TASK FORCE WOLVERINE take part in a EXERCISE VIRTUAL WOLVERINE, a computer-aided exercise in preparation for deployment to Latvia, Garrison Petawawa.
25 September 2020 – Sergeant Neaves is presented with the insignia of his new rank.
24 September 2020 – 12 more members have been added to the team of Sentinels at The RCD this past August. Members of the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment also completed the training. The RCD now have 92 Sentinels within the regiment. Refresher training to be announced…
18 September 2020 – Chief Warrant Officer Larouche is presented with the insignia of his new rank, Garrison Petawawa.

11 September 2020 – Welcome to the regiment! Cpl Tate is rebadged to The Royal Canadian Dragoons from Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians).
4 September 2020 – Congratulations to CWO Leamon, the new 2 CMBG Sergeant Major. To CWO Forest, best of luck on your next endeavours. Canadian Forces Photo: LS/mat 1 Elizabeth Ross Image
25 August 2020 – Soldiers from The RCD Signals Troop, Maintenance Troop, and 2 Military Police Platoon on the Armoured Vehicle Crew Commander Course (AVCC), Worthington Barracks, Garrison Petawawa.
14 August 2020 – Receiving her first chevron, denoting her new rank of Private (Trained), Private Dickson.
9 August 2020 – Happy 96th Birthday to Trooper Don White! He’s a living part of our Regiment’s history and a strong representative for our family. Happy birthday, Don! (Photo from one of Don’s previous visits to Petawawa).
8 August 2020 – Welcome to the regiment! WO Ribert is rebadged to The Royal Canadian Dragoons from Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians).
5 August 2020- Receiving the insignia of his new rank, Master Seaman Nation.
Major Jordan Lapointe Promoted on Tuesday 7 Jul by Comd 2 CMBG, Col Jay Adair.
9 June 2020 – Trooper Hodge receives his first chevron, Worthington Barracks, Garrison Petawawa.
15 April 2020 – The flag of the City of Leeuwarden raised today at sunrise at Worthington Barracks, Garrison Petawawa, Ontario.